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What is the eligibility criteria For DSIR Recognition?

Updated: May 25, 2022

While the DSIR has a very comprehensive list of guidelines that you need to follow in order to get recognized by the DSIR, the eligibility criteria to apply for the same is very simple. As per DSIR, the company should be:

  • a software product/ manufacturing company/ contract research organisation (CRO).

  • registered in India under the Companies Act.

  • at least three years old since the date of registration.

If you fulfill all of the above points, you are good to go!

And remember that ‘comprehensive list of guidelines’ that we were talking about earlier, don’t let that intimidate you at all as there are experts who can provide exhaustive support.

So, if you are eligible as per DSIR, do not waste your time contemplating whether you need it or not. Because the benefits that the recognition comes with, you sure should get recognized!

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