What is DSIR recognition?

The Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) is operating a scheme for granting recognition & registration to in-house R&D units established by pvt. ltd. or Ltd. companies (registered under the companies act) in India. 

How do I get DSIR recognition?

To get DSIR recognition : Submit application (soft copy & hard copy) to DSIR --> Discussion at DSIR's office --> receipt of recognition letter.

What is DSIR certificate used for?

DSIR recognition certificate is used for the following:

1. Exemption from custom's duty on imports made for R&D

2. Your maximum applicable iGST becomes 5% on purchases made for R&D.

3. To become eligible for various govt. funds and grants.

What is the meaning of DSIR?

DSIR stand for Department of scientific & industrial research. Although the term 'DSIR' is sometimes casually used for DSIR's 'In-house R&D' recognition.

What is DSIR exemption?

DSIR exemption is sometimes used to refer various tax relaxations like custom duty exemption, GST relaxation etc.

What is R&D as per DSIR for DSIR recognition?

For getting DSIR In-house R&D recognition, any one of the following can be considered R&D:

1. New product development (NPD) - It includes product improvements.

2. New process development - It includes process improvements.

3. Cost reduction - making changes in product so that the cost comes down.

4. Import substitution - Developing a product in India which is majorly imported in India so that it substitutes import of that product partially or wholly.